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Essays on Life, Government and Other Subjects
by Lloyd Prentice and Participants

We, citizens of the United States of America, are favored in many important ways. God has blessed us greatly and still is doing so. Let’s honor and love our Creator. Let’s also appreciate and love the United States, which He has given us.

In this website or blog, I will write and collect thoughtful essays about many important subjects. These can include Christianity, society, America, patriotism, government, education, wording, logic, grammar, techniques, products, services, and subjects from you, the participants.

Let’s have ethical, honest, and fair governments which protect our freedoms.

Let’s do away with “long laws” which occupy dozens, hundreds, or thousands of pages. “Long laws” have been especially troublesome in recent years.

I invite you to subscribe, “follow,” and post your own essays and opinions.


Sources of Inspiration and Information.

Together we can be sources of inspiration and ideas; let’s write and share. The subjects can be about life, ethics, sciences, education, written materials, inventions, and other important matters. Later, we may divide these into other websites.


Prentice Sources for Products and Services Available Online

I will offer interesting products and services online from Amazon and from other venders. One page of this website is for items from various sources. The other page is an entry to our Astore of sources from Amazon. Please click the link to open the Astore.




2 thoughts on “1. HOME –– Welcome to Essays and Sources

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