2. About Us and Contact Us, Please

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My wife and I are Christians, followers of our Lord Jesus Christ. For anyone interested in knowing about this, please contact me. We are members of the Avon (NY) Wesleyan Church.

My wife and I are happily married and have celebrated many anniversaries together. We have three wonderful adult children. Two of them are married and have children. Nine of our family, including spouses, have graduated from Houghton College.

My wife and I live in rural, western New York State. We like it here except for the taxes and politics. In case you think we’re near New York City, we live about seven hours away from there by expressway driving.

I am or have been a teacher, writer, editor, and print shop owner-operator. My wife is a nurse, retired.

I plan to post essays and technical information in many fields. As an associate with a large sales and distribution company, I will soon make available to readers many products and services as an online source.

Lloyd Prentice



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